Rediscover the

"why" of who you are...

through learning, understanding, and living your Human Design.

Understand yourself

Make better decisions

Trust yourself more

Act with intention

What is Human Design??

Human Design is a system based on i-Ching, Astrology natal charts, the chakra systems, genetic code & more that results in a personalized bodygraph that gives you insight into how you move, act, create, and think in your life. Understanding how to "live your design" gives you access to feeling more aligned and at peace with yourself. You can look up your human design chart on your own, or you can be supported with breaking down your chart & design by me, with a reading/consultation. 

Learn more about the intricacies of your personality

Learn more about your impact in the world

Learn how to manage your energy more efficiently

Learn how to have more certainty in life

Learn how you engage with the world

Upcoming Workshops

Learn how to apply and integrate your design within your life

Better Me, Better Us

Couples & Partners Workshop

Saturday Aug, 14th - 11AM - 3PM EST

Parenting with Intention

Parents & Family Workshop

Saturday Aug,28th - 11AM - 3PM EST

Our Community


Intentionally Thrive with Human Design


on Facebook

This is our private group on Facebook in which you can connect with other Human Design learners, ask questions, start and join conversations about integrating and living your design.

Thrive by Design Tribe


per month (intro price)

The TbD Tribe is our learning and membership experience in which you will be able to dive even deeper into Human Design as a whole. You will have access to resources and lessons to expand your understanding and use of Human Design.

What are you waiting for?

Welcome to the world of Human Design!

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