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IntroToHumanDesign.com is currently powered by Pure Generator, Coach, Speaker, & Author, Camille Telicia.

Camille has been studying Human Design since 2016, and finally responded to the call to start teaching and sharing it with friends, clients, and the general public in 2020.

Camille strives to make Human Design as accessible and easy to integrate as possible. Her teaching style is to keep the concepts as simple as possible, while also demonstrating how seamlessly the strategies and techniques can flow into your life.

The most important use of Human Design, in Camille's opinion, is to create alignment and ease in our lives when and where ever possible.

In addition to teaching and sharing about Human Design, Camille is also a Leadership & Life Design Strategist for entrepreneurs and corporate executives. You can learn more about Camille's coaching work at: www.theintentionalgoddess.com

Camille's Human Design

Type: Generator

Strategy: Wait to Respond

Authority: Sacral

Profile: 1/3 - Investigator/Martyr

Definition: Single Split

Defined Centers: G-Center, Heart, Sacral, Spleen


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